Simple pricing scheme: one payment, for one domain, for 45 days of support.

  • USD 10

    (excl. VAT) 1 domain
  • One domain
  • 45 days of support
  • Documetation
  • Rotating knives
  • Smoke screen

How does it work

This plug-in leverages the existing WooCommerce infrastructure to enable automatic free shipping for selected products:

  • Automatically creates a free-shipping coupon.
  • Automatically creates a shipping tax class, which, when assigned to a product, enables free shipping for the entire cart, by automatically applying the above-mentioned coupon.
  • Guards against illegal use of the coupon.


  • PHP 7.3.0 or newer
  • WordPress 5.0.0 or newer
  • WooCommerce 5.0.0 or newer

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